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Being an expert wedding photographer, I find immense joy in accompanying couples like Caitlin and JT to make their Pittsburgh wedding dreams come true. It’s super awesome to witness the love, dedication, and creativity that go into crafting such a special day. Caitlin expressed how writing her vows was the highlight of her wedding preparation. Inspired by emotional TikTok videos, she poured her heart into every word, turning the experience into a beautiful emotional rollercoaster of love and commitment. 

For JT and Caitlin, the driving force behind the planning process was undoubtedly the budget. Focusing on staying within financial boundaries while creating a memorable celebration, they carefully balanced desires with necessities, ensuring that every detail authentically reflected their love story. This delicate balance between essentials and desires spoke volumes about Caitlin and JT’s thoughtful approach to creating a meaningful and memorable wedding. Take a look!

Caitlin & JT’s Pittsburgh Wedding

When the day finally came for Caitlin and JT to tie the knot, I was their trusted wedding photographer, all set to capture their special moments. Caitlin looked stunning in her white dress, and her elegantly styled hair added to her gorgeous bride look. Just a room away, JT looked sharp in his sleek black suit and bow tie. The excitement of the big day ahead was evident on their faces, making the atmosphere truly magical. 

During their intimate first look, Caitlin and JT shared a heartwarming moment seeing each other before exchanging vows. Caitlin described the anticipation of meeting JT in the hotel lobby, admitting to feeling nervous with a racing heart and sweaty palms. As she approached him from behind, she could sense the nerves in his voice, a moment she would never forget. The second they locked eyes, the reality of the moment hit them both. From then on, JT and Caitlin felt a wave of calmness wash over them, setting the tone for a day filled with love and joy. 

Caitlin and JT’s wedding ceremony took place in a spacious hall and was as intimate as it was beautiful. The brilliantly decorated altar was the perfect backdrop, enabling me to capture some truly stunning ceremony pictures of the couple. Their radiant smiles and loving gazes were my primary focus as they exchanged their vows and slipped rings onto each other’s fingers. Their ceremony was simple but meaningful. It wasn’t about grand gestures or elaborate setups but about them, their love, and the promise of a shared future. 

After the heartwarming ‘I do’s,’ the celebration began in a stunning reception venue. The grandeur of the venue was such that group photos and couple portraits were a must. Stepping into the venue, I whisked away the newlyweds, capturing them in their newly married bliss. 

Caitlin and JT’s reception was a night to remember! The newlyweds entered the room and took to the center of the stage for their first dance. They swayed to the music and had a rollicking time. As the bride and groom kissed, sparklers lit up the room to make the moment more memorable! A memorable memory from their wedding day was an actual movie moment. JT and Caitlin stole my heart with their wedding planning, and it was an incredible reception with everyone enjoying, eating, and dancing the night away. 

Reliving The Best Moments

Personalized vows were a must-have for Caitlin, while JT felt nervous about reciting them in front of everyone. To strike a balance, they expressed their vows intimately during their first look, creating a safe space to share emotions, shed tears, and truly absorb the promises they were making to each other. 

Another sentimental touch that resonated deeply with the couple was the inclusion of scratch-off wedding favors at each dinner plate—a nod to Caitlin’s late grandparents, who adored scratch-offs. These small gestures added a meaningful layer of gratitude and remembrance to their celebration.

Wedding Advice

For future brides, Caitlin offers valuable advice based on her own experience. Firstly, she encourages brides to prioritize their own desires and ensure that the day truly reflects their vision amidst the plethora of external opinions. Secondly, she suggests making a pact with your spouse to stick together throughout the night—a practice she and JT followed, staying by each other’s side, mingling with guests together, and creating unforgettable shared memories that made the evening truly special.

Weddings With Kayla Bri Photography

Caitlin and JT, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. It was wonderful and my absolute pleasure to document your big day with all its moments from beginning to end. Congratulations and I wish you both a happy married life! 

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