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A wedding marks a milestone in a couple’s life. It’s a day when two soulmates come together to share the rest of their lives together. Since I’ve had the honor of meeting so many couples and listening to their amazing love stories, I truly believe in soulmates. So, whenever a new couple connects with me to photograph their wedding, I really look forward to experiencing another magical love story. Martina and Stephen’s wedding at The Westin Downtown in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was such a fantastic event! The bride and groom truly made the day their own and had so much fun with all their loved ones. Here’s a glimpse of their wedding day story.


Meet The Couple

When Martina and Stephen contacted me to photograph their wedding, I was eager to learn about what makes them, THEM. The couple met each other randomly at a bar called Mario’s in Shadyside, Pittsburgh. They had no mutual friends between the two of them, but they quickly hit it off over a few drinks.


Martina said, “It was pretty crazy that we had no mutual friends between the two of us. His friends started talking to my friends, and we connected right away!”. The couple’s story was one of those unexpected meetings that you hear about but never imagine to happen to yourself. Martina and Stephen, if you’re reading this, I just want to say that you two are one lucky couple!


Talking about the proposal, Martina told me, “He had an Uber pick me up at a nail salon, which I thought was to celebrate my mom’s recent retirement. The car drove me to one of our favorite parks downtown (Lake Elizabeth). And my mom handed me a note written by Stephen, and I cried the entire car ride down, haha!”


Martina and Stephen’s Wedding Day

The getting ready moments were a flurry of activity as Martina and her bridesmaids got ready for the big day. Martina’s mom came in to check on how her daughter was doing and gave her a kiss on the cheek to tell how proud she was of her. I got some lovely photos of the bridal party, just celebrating each moment as it came.

Martina looked like a princess on her wedding day. Her hair was styled in beach waves that framed her face perfectly. She wore a floral, V-neck wedding dress that flowed beautifully as she walked. And her veil added an extra layer of elegance and romance.

The first look she shared with her father was incredibly emotional. The bride’s father started to tear up as he saw his little girl all dressed up for her big day. One of my many favorite moments was when the little flower girl got so excited when she saw Marina in her wedding dress. It was sooo adorable. I really loved that sweet and innocent reaction.

A beautiful combination of traditional and modern elements, Martina and Stephen’s wedding ceremony took place in a church. The church was well-lit, and the lovely family portraits I got of everyone standing at the altar with the bride and groom were simply stunning. After tying the knot, the newlyweds had a group and couples portrait session at the famous Roberto Clemente Bridge! The vibrant yellow color of the bridge was a perfect contrast to the wedding party’s attire, and the city’s modern architecture made for a stunning backdrop.

The couple also had a customized bottle of champagne, which had their names and wedding date on it. And they totally had a blast popping that bubbly! Martina and Stephen’s couples portraits turned out great as they shared sweet kisses and looked into each other’s eyes while lovingly embracing each other.

The whole wedding reception was abuzz with excitement. Stephen dipped Martina romantically as they danced and kissed her – a classic fairy tale vibe. Martina laughed out loud as she danced with her father, and Stephen’s mom was so happy to dance with her son. The couple’s wedding day was full of so many emotional and fun moments, and I feel so lucky to be able to capture their love story through my lens.


Kayla Bri Photography for All Your Special Moments!

Martina and Stephen, you guys are such sweethearts! Your wedding was so well-planned and fun. Photographing you two and your loved ones was a joy, and I want to thank you for trusting me with your wedding photography. I hope you both carry on your date night traditions of exploring new restaurants, movie nights, and the occasional cocktail nights, haha!

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Featured Pittsburgh Vendors

1. Venue: The Westin Downtown

2. Hair & Makeup : Glam To Go

3. Florals : Taunia’s Flowers by Design

4. Wedding Dress: Exquisite Bride Private Label

5. Bridesmaids Dress: Birdy Grey

6. Cake: Bethel Bakery

7. Band/Music: The Bachelor Boys

8. Wedding Planners: Wildly Love (Martina’s sister-in-law’s , Jenna S.,


9. Jewelry: Diamonds Direct



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