Maddie And John’s Wedding In McDonald, Pennsylvania


You know, there’s something about weddings that’s just so emotional. It could be a mom wiping away a tear or a dad hugging his daughter tightly – these moments are priceless. They’re not posed; they’re real. And that’s what makes them so special. There’s so much love in the air, and as a wedding photographer, it’s an honor to capture these moments of pure love. Maddie and John’s wedding in McDonald, Pennsylvania, was filled with such moments. From heartwarming personal touches to sentimental moments, their day was one for the books.

Maddie And John’s Wedding In McDonald, Pennsylvania

In most weddings, it’s often the girls who take the lead in planning while the guys kick back and enjoy the process. But that was not the case with Maddie and John; they broke that mold. Their wedding planning was a 50/50 partnership! As Maddie shared with me, “It made it way less stressful on me and meant so much to me seeing how involved he was and how badly he wanted to be a part of every decision.” Kudos to you, John! It’s not every day we see grooms diving headfirst into the wedding planning process. You guys are proof that planning a wedding can be a shared journey, making the big day even more special. 

Since a wedding day begins with everyone getting ready, I thoroughly enjoy photographing Maddie’s getting-ready moments. There were so many sweet moments and heartwarming conversations that were shared, and it was the perfect time for me to capture those raw emotions. One of my favorite moments of the day was when the bride’s mother entered the room to see her lovely daughter. I could tell that they were both feeling very emotional. So, as Maddie got dressed in her gorgeous outfit, emotions were running high! 

Maddie had a special treat on her wedding day with not just one but two first looks – one with her dad and the other with John. When Maddie shared her feelings about the first look with her dad, it was touching to hear. She said, “I also loved my first look with my dad, I am the first daughter to get married so this was truly a special moment being able to show him my dress and makeup/hair done the morning of. He instantly had tears in his eyes and just made me feel so thankful that I was able to have my dad with me on my special day.” Isn’t it wonderful how weddings bring out these beautiful, heartfelt moments? 

Initially, Maddie and John hadn’t thought about doing a first look, but the more they spoke to people about it, the more convinced they got – and it was so worth it! As Maddie walked out and tapped John’s shoulder, he was mesmerized! John got so emotional that he teared up. During this time, my amazing couple also read vows in private, which helped them ease their nerves before the ceremony and made the moment extra special. 

Maddie And John Say I Do

As the wedding bells rang, it was time to say “I do.” Their nuptials took place in a beautiful church, which was filled with loved ones in attendance. The bride and groom couldn’t help but smile at each other, as they had waited so long for this day, and it was finally here! The whole ceremony was very touching. After being pronounced husband and wife, Maddie and John, along with their guests, set off to the reception venue for a night of fun and dance!

We made our way to the great outdoors and stopped at some amazing spots for a few couples portraits. The evening sun casted a magical glow, making their photos oh-so-dreamy and romantic! Maddie and John were such naturals in front of the camera and had the best time being themselves and soaking in all those “just married” feelings. 

Talking about the reception, the room was a sight to behold. With chairs and tables placed in rows, the decorations were brilliant! A huge shoutout to Maddie’s mom for all the crafty DIY projects she did. She worked so hard and spent countless hours making her daughter’s wedding day the best that it could be, and the couple appreciated it so much. As the party continued, the dance floor was buzzing with energy, and everyone posed for an epic group shot with their hands in the air! And while Maddie’s grandparents couldn’t make it to the wedding, she was able to find someone on Etsy to draw a generational picture of herself, her mom, and grandma in their wedding dresses. It was such a thoughtful gift to include on their wedding day.

Weddings With Kayla Bri Photography

Maddie and John, you two are a match made in heaven! It was a dream working with you, and I loved meeting your friends and family. Thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer!  Congratulations once again. 

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