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Watching couples having the time of their lives on their wedding day is always a pleasure as a wedding photographer. Every wedding is so different from the last, and the same is true with my couples. While some love to go all out and plan something extravagant, others, like Meredith and Steve, love to bring out their inner child and plan something super adorable yet simple! Documenting their Pittsburgh wedding was such a memorable experience for me. The two lovebirds have this amazing connection and authenticity that can only come from two souls knowing each other inside out. What I will remember the most from the day was how they made each other so happy. Love was definitely in the air, and their wedding was a joyous celebration of that love. 

Meredith And Steve’s Pittsburgh Wedding

The day finally arrived for Meredith and Steve to become husband and wife, and as their trusted wedding photographer, I was ready to capture all their beautiful moments together. Dressed in a stunning white dress with her hair tied up, Meredith looked every bit of an elegant and gorgeous bride. Standing right next to her was the love of her life, Steve, who donned a smart, sleek blue suit. With the big day’s excitement ahead, the glow on the couple’s faces was truly special. 

Steve and Meredith had an intimate first look and were so happy to see each other before taking their vows. One standout moment during this was the groom’s “viewing” of his bride, providing a humorous twist to the traditional first look.

The couple got married at the MuseumLab in Pittsburgh. The MuseumLab is not just an ordinary museum. It is a place where the past meets the present, where the grandeur of a bygone era harmoniously merges with contemporary art and technology. And for Meredith and Steve, MuseumLab was more than just a wedding venue. It was a reflection of their journey together and with its perfect mix of history and modernity, it provided an unforgettable setting for their new beginning. Capturing the special moments as the lovebirds embraced each other and kissed as they said their wedding vows was fantastic.

When it came to taking couples portraits, Meredith and Steve OWNED it! The museum’s ruin-style architecture and excellent natural light streaming in set the perfect mood for the scene – cozy, warm, and incredibly romantic! Steve and Meredith were such a breeze to work with. Their natural, gleeful energy radiated the entire time, and I got some incredible photos of the two of them living and loving in the moment. Capturing precious memories for those in love is simply magical.

As the day continued, Steve and Meredith, along with their friends and family, geared up for a night of singing and dancing! The MuseumLab offers numerous spaces for events, and each is better than the next. Meredith and Steve were absolutely smitten with one another and looked so happy and excited, and they only had eyes for each other. 

They were all about having a good time and just wanted to have fun. So it didn’t come as too much of a surprise that they’d chosen a Lego cake topper to add that fun element to their wedding. It was so adorable! Steve and Meredith stole my heart with their entire wedding planning, and it was an incredible reception with everyone enjoying, eating, and dancing the night away. 

Remembering All The Good Times

When asked about their favorite part of wedding planning, Meredith and Steve both agreed that the adventure of finding the perfect venue was a highlight. Meredith’s special touch of adding the little Lego surprises she planned for Steve was a unique and personal element to their big day. Their engagement photo shoot was another memorable moment. The couple said, “It was such a fun day, and it really got us thinking that this was all really going to happen!”

The driving force behind their wedding planning was to keep it simple and enjoyable, ensuring it wouldn’t overwhelm their lives. What made their day truly unique were the sentimental details they included: “Nacho cheese, legos, and rocks. We felt like these details were purely about us and wanted these things just to be FUN.” Meredith couldn’t help but laugh when she told me how Steve playfully shoved a little cake onto the Lego version of her instead of her face. Haha! That’s a hilarious one!

Meredith and Steve praised their vendors highly and thanked them for their outstanding service. “We honestly had a great experience with all of our vendors…Kayla – 100% rockstar…MuseumLab – the space is gorgeous, and the team is GREAT to work with. Big Burrito was super great about all my dietary needs, and they even leaned in on our request for ALLLLL the nacho cheese. They were great in the planning process, the service the day of was exceptional, and the staff was so nice. All About Reclaimed – Jeff Double is a friend of ours, so we know we are a little biased, but we do honestly believe that he does unique and beautiful work. Fireside Events – The DJ was excellent and so easy to work with! Lee Anne, the day coordinator, could put my mind at ease that the day was going to run smoothly – and it did!” 

Their advice to future brides? “GO EASY ON YOURSELF.” They emphasized that while the wedding day is important, “there is so much that happens afterward that is even more wonderful and important.” And I ABSOLUTELY agree with them! 

Weddings With Kayla Bri Photography

Meredith and Steve, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. It was wonderful and my absolute pleasure to document your big day with all its moments from beginning to end. Congratulations on tying the knot, and I wish you both a happy married life! 

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