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From the getting-ready moments to the ceremony and reception, the entire wedding experience is one-of-a-kind, with loved ones smiling, dancing, and even happy crying sometimes! And let’s be honest, my lovely couples make my job THE BEST. Natalie and Dan were one of those couples. I’ve been with these lovebirds since their engagement session, and let me tell you, they’re all about having a good time. Natalie and Dan are completely smitten with each other, and their wedding day was a perfect example of when love takes over, everything else falls into place. 

Natalie And Dan’s Pittsburgh Wedding

It was a joy to capture those precious moments leading up to Dan and Natalie’s big day! Stepping into the bridal suite felt like walking into a bubble of pure happiness. Laughter and giggles filled the air as Natalie and her bridesmaids shared the excitement of the day ahead. With each brush stroke and curl, Natalie’s bridal beauty blossomed, thanks to her talented hairdresser! As the final touches were put in place, the moment arrived for Natalie’s first look with her bridesmaids, and their reactions were simply priceless. It was such an incredible atmosphere full of love and anticipation. 

Meanwhile, the boys buttoned their shirts and coats over at the groom’s side as time drew nearer. With glasses of chilled beer in their hands, the boy squad was ready to seize the day! Soon enough, it was time to tie the knot. 

Dan and Natalie said, “I do,” in a lovely church, all set to start their journey together. In her gorgeous wedding dress and with a bouquet of fresh white flowers, Natalie gracefully walked down the aisle. At the altar, Dan stood in his sleek tuxedo, watching Natalie approach with admiration in his eyes. His smile was wider than ever, and he got pretty emotional. Nothing gets me more than witnessing the raw and genuine emotions overflowing! The church’s vibrant stained glass windows added a pop of color, making a perfect backdrop for their wedding photos. In a way, it felt as if the whole church was celebrating the love that Natalie and Dan shared.

The couple’s wedding reception was all about good vibes. The lighting in the room was spectacular and set the tone for a romantic evening. The tables were decorated with breathtaking floral centerpieces, and the newlywed’s wedding cake looked delicious! Dan and Natalie ditched their formal footwear, changing into their comfortable Nike, and it was time to party! 

As the celebrations continued, the entire room was abuzz with excitement, and the dance floor was packed with the DJ mixing the tunes. I had the chance to whisk away newlyweds for couples portraits during sunset, and it was SO worth it! The evening sun painted the sky with hues of pink and purple. It was the perfect backdrop as Dan twirled Natalie under a massive tree, soaking in the moment of starting their new life together as husband and wife. 

Natalie And Dan’s Sweet Testimonial

Planning a wedding can be a strenuous process, but when the driving force behind your decisions is a place that holds a special place in your heart, everything seems to fall into place. As Dan shared, “All planning started with the venue as it is a sentimental place for Natalie and her family. Natalie spent many weekends at Longue Vue growing up as her grandparents were members there. And her parents had their reception at Longue Vue, too!”

Dan and Natalie assembled an all-star team of vendors to bring their dream wedding to life. One of the highlights was DJ Mad Mike from Modern Era Weddings. The couple said, “DJ Mad Mike with Modern Era Weddings made the party. He is an incredible DJ – we continue to receive unbelievable compliments about him.”

Another shoutout was for Stephanie from The Blue Daisy Floral Designs. The couple shared, “She is extremely talented and creative. She truly brought our wedding vision to life with stunningly gorgeous floral arrangements.” But what’s a wedding without capturing those precious moments? Natalie and Dan’s testimonial for me says it all, “Kayla is the BEST. From the engagement session to the wedding day, Kayla captured everything so beautifully. Our sneak peek photos are amazing; we cannot wait to see the final album!” Their words fill my heart with joy and remind me why I love doing what I do.

Kayla Bri Photography for All Your Special Moments

Dan and Natalie, you both make such a fantastic couple! I had a blast photographing your big day, and I want to thank you for trusting me with your wedding photography. Congratulations on your marriage, and I look forward to capturing your future milestones. Cheers!

If you or someone you know is also planning a wedding, you can contact me to photograph their special day. Besides weddings, I also do engagements, proposals, and family sessions. If you have any queries, you can email me or call me at (352) 223-1137. To see more of my work, you can check out my Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.



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